Feels like fall.

November Yet?



We are getting our lives in order.  Lots of changes with adding a new family member.  And while he’s growing, Little Monkey is making life easier on Mommy and Daddy.  We finally feel like we can work toward our goals and still devote the time and energy we need to with our little guy.

Added yummy, whimsical products to Cafe Press (my partner in crime’s artwork).  And added yummy, warm products to Etsy (my handy work).

Happy fall.  And happy shopping.

Cafe Press:  http://www.cafepress.com/bohub/8351164

Etsy:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/bohemianhub?ref=l2-shopheader-name

Please stay tuned to Etsy.  I am in process of a cool linked scarf and a pair of cool tall boot toppers.  I plan to add fun crochet every couple of weeks.  I’ll update here as I am able.


Finding Balance – City / Nature


We live in Chicago.  I love being a city girl and can only imagine living one other place if not in a city.  I did not grow up in the city though.  And I much appreciate nature – there are many many days I miss it so much it actually gives me incredible wanderlust.  I spent much of my childhood outside, running around woods, along the creek, at the beach.  Our back yard contained so many trees that you couldn’t see our neighbors.  I want Little Monkey to grow up appreciating nature and being outside too.  It’s hard to find that balance living in the city.

We are lucky in where we live.  It’s about a 5-10 minute walk to Lake Michigan.  I grew up directly on the other side of the lake in Michigan.  So, the shores of Lake Michigan feel like home to me.  I am ecstatic that my son gets to see the Lake just about every time we go for a walk.  We walk on the shore.  We picnic in its parks.  We go regardless of season.  He sees the trees.  He feels the grass on his bare feet.  He feels the sand between his toes.  He hears the water.  He loves the sun.

We are doing our best in teaching Monkey about being outside, about how we’re all connected to nature, about how just sitting in our environment and noticing the nature around us can instantly calm one’s soul.  Hopefully he’s understanding that even in the city, you can find a refuge of green (quiet).

(I love how little he looks in this photo.  Another reminder of how small we are in the grand scheme of life.)

Goodnight Moon


I read to little monkey every night before bed. I’m reading to him more now, because his little toddler mind and his little toddler body have so much energy to burn off before he is able to shut down to go to sleep at night.

What used to be an easy bedtime routine, has become challenging. Especially when I’m tired from my work day, and all I want is to settle in with a glass of wine to relax before tomorrow’s work day.

Bedtime used to take 1/2 hour tops (including bath and bottle). The last few weeks, I’m lucky if it’s an hour to 1.5 hours. I’m exhausted. And I still have to eat and some nights, chores or more work to accomplish.

Like tonight. I have an important meeting with a $3m contract on the line in the morning. I should be preparing. But I’m holding little monkey who resisted going to sleep. I’ll hold him another 5-10 minutes to be sure he’s really out before laying his spent little body down.

Such a strange balance of priorities. I love my job. More than that, I need it to support our little family. But in this very moment, the only thing that matters to me is that this little boy sleeps so he can rest his mind and body. So he can be healthy and grow, grow, grow.

I look at him sleeping as I type this on my phone. And I know, even with the challenges he brings me, there’s no where I’d rather be. My life is blessed.

“Dear Lord, please bless this little money. Please keep him safe from harm. Please make sure he’s healthy, happy, safe, secure and loved at all times. In the name of the father, soon and holy ghost, Amen.”

“And P.S. please help him sleep well tonight. I have kind of an important meeting in the morning.”

House Hunting


I never wanted to own a home. I always thought it was more trouble than it was worth. And maybe as a single girl that’s true.

But now, with the partner in crime and the little monkey; I find myself in the surreal place of house shopping. I feel like I’m an actor in some movie scene. That it’s not real.

I am going to be that wife, that mother … with 3 beds and 3 baths and hopefully a fenced in back yard. When did I grow up???



Dear sleep gods,

It’s been a rough week. Little monkey had Roseola. High fever for 3+ days, followed by a hideous rash. Poor boy.

And poor parents. The partner in crime and I are sleep deprived from trying to keep little monkey’s fever in check and then trying to correct his sleep schedule.  Sleeping all the time for a couple days mixed up his nights and days.

He’s almost back on track. The rash has subsided. His appetite is back. He’s back to his little playful self. We just need him to go back to sleeping from 7pm-6am, please. And thank you.

One Tired Mama

Nothing — than a — baby.


I joined Instagram on Friday. Partly to be more social with my friends again. Partly to have an outlet for photos to try to get back in the habit.

My first photo was of little monkey sleeping with the caption, “There’s nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby.”

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed little monkey seemed warm. And as the afternoon wore on, his demeaner grew more ill- tempered. Around 11pm last night, he woke up burning.

We were up from 11pm until about 3am trying to make him comfortable and get him back to his slumber. During this time, I prayed for 3 things: to get baby back to sleep, for him to feel better and for patience. Then I remembered something I read pretty recently. God doesn’t give you patience; just opportunities in which to practice patience.

After walking, humming, rocking, just laying with, music, water, milk and Tylenol … Little monkey did fall back to sleep. And I kept my patience with the situation. I thanked God for helping me through it. And was rewarded with a wake up kiss from little monkey at 7:30 am instead of the usual 5-6am.

He’s still “off” today, a little warm and a wee bit cranky. But I think he’s ok.

There’s nothing scarier for a Mom than a sick baby at 2am. And nothing sweeter than that baby sleeping comfortably at 3am.


Cultivating Me (not just mommy-me)



Before I had the little monkey. Before I moved to Chicago, I had a thriving photography side venture. Now, most of my photos are taken with my cell phone. And most of the subjects are little monkey, my partner in crime, family, and silly things I see around the city.

At one point, my dream was to be a professional photographer. That dream has changed. But, I still want to develop my skills as a photographer. And being perfectly honest, I like the extra income it generates.

My best seller used to be “Imagine” (you can see it if you go to the link above), but the last couple years, Elliott Smith’s Figure 8 wall has been my best seller by far.

I’m ready to expand my shop, but that means I need to start snapping again. Another step toward cultivating me again outside of being Mommy. I love being Mommy more than I ever dreamed I would, but I want little monkey to have a fulfilled and happy Mom. And that means not losing myself and my passions or dreams in raising this amazing child.

“Best Mom”


My lovely mother-in-law got me this mug last year. I love it. And it is actually reminding me today that sometimes to be your child’s best mom, you need a break from being a mom.

I’m very much an attachment parent. I sacrifice a lot so little monkey is content, happy, and engaged. Sometimes to my detriment.

Last weekend, I did two things that were very “me” and not just Mommy. I painted my toes. And I planted our urban garden. Simple things. And little monkey ‘helped’. Both made me feel so good.

So I am making a conscious effort to more “me” things on a regular basis. Today I did yoga for the 1st time since my 2nd trimester. And when my partner in crime offered to take a nap with little money, I agreed (I usually nap with him on the weekends because I miss him so much when I work).

I am enjoying a hot cup of coffee out of my ” best mom” mug. Not the usual travel mug I use so it doesn’t spill on the baby. And I am enjoying having the living room 100% to myself.

I needed this tiny break. And when they wake up, I’ll be a better mom and better partner because of it.